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Why motorcycling is the best passion in the world

Chances are you’ve already felt that way: the feeling of being wrongly judged when you explain to a neophyte, why you love motorcycles so much. Why, when there’s a GP on the weekends, you don’t answer the phone. Why did you come by motorcycle, when it’s raining outside? Why you’ve broken your right clavicle six times. Why your nails are black 365 days a year. Why is there nothing more important than your washed out t-shirt from the 2010 French GP, signed by Zarco.

The best way to shut your mouth is, to tell the truth: the bike is the coolest thing in the world. To achieve this, here’s what to say when it comes to tackling your beautiful passion.

It’s not practical to travel

The best travel toolTravelling by motorcycle is a unique experience. It is the best way to get involved in all the landscapes crossed, to feel the temperature variations, to enjoy the smells, the lousy weather… It is sometimes hard, but it is what makes the experience unforgettable. So, it certainly lacks a little comfort, but if for you, travel = comfort, there is a great invention: Club Med.

It’s not practical.

A smart means of transport
Okay, a motorcycle has no storage. On the other hand, it is the only means of transportation that allows you to cross the eight o’clock in the morning traffic jams, park almost anywhere and pay half the toll price.

It’s a selfish thing.

A social bond

OK, there are only two seats on a motorcycle, and it’s not easy to talk to each other (unless you have an Intercom). But you know a lot of such a large community (4 000 000 2-wheelers users in France) who say hello (almost all of them) when they meet each other? I’ll let you think about that when you’re alone in your 8-seater minivan, stuck in traffic.

It’s dangerous. It’s dangerous.
A defibrillator
Yes. And even without riding fast: riding a motorcycle is putting yourself in danger. It means accepting to be the only master on board, responsible for his physical integrity. And for that, it’s the best way to feel alive. And when was the last time you felt alive?

It’s not a sport.

Motorcycle sport

Tell that to a Supercross pilot who just spent 15 minutes at 190 beats per minute. Or to an Extreme Enduro rider who has only carried his bike in a 150-meter rocky outcrop. Or to a guy who just finished a 24-hour endurance without sleeping, by 2 degrees. Or to Adrian who has just done four push-ups in a row in preparation for his next race…

Motorcycle racing is useless.

That’s right. That’s right. In the meantime, it’s not in F1 that you’ll see guys protected by only 1.2 mm of leather, at more than 300 km/h, elbowing to the ground in corners, who overtake (and touch!) each other several times a lap. Well, for the moment, it’s not on High Side either. But we still do moped races!

It’s ugly.
A work of art
Maybe. In the meantime, guys spend a significant amount of their time tinkering, beautifying, repairing old scrap metal and exhibiting it in trade shows. A bit like people who hang monochromes on the walls of a gallery, put three peanuts in a saucer, open a bottle of bad sparkling wine and call it “an opening.” Who are you to judge?

It’s old-fashioned.
A fashion object
Oh, yeah? Is that why there’s a motorcycle on display in the trendy shop where you bought your jeans? Or that the face of the perfume you’re going to offer your girlfriend rides a motorcycle?

Mechanics is boring

A complex technical machine
Well, if you don’t understand something, it’s boring, I can’t help you… If you want to miss the study of the physical laws that apply to a moving motorcycle, the functioning of electronic assistance or to understand in which direction you unlock a rearview mirror, and remain in ignorance, free to you.

It’s easy to do.
Motorcycle Fall
Go to a stunt show or watch Bader try to do wheeling and you will understand that riding a motorcycle is not within everyone’s reach…

Then ask the person you are talking to to to find one thing that has so many facets. Let him look for it. There is no such thing. So yes: the bike is the best passion in the world. Quite simply.

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