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The Journey: Motorbikes to Superbikes

We all bike lovers are the eyewitness of the agile changing trend in the motorbikes. These days some of the ordinary bikes have turned into superbikes- a potential bike with an intense capacity of the wheels. They award us with a prodigious feel like flying high in the sky. Not only that they are exceptionally smart when it comes to the comparison to a regular bike in terms of acceleration, grip and of course, the riding of experience.  In this article, we’ll talk about the momentum change of the regular bikes into today’s superbikes. Let’s check out the wonderful history of Superbikes racing.

750 CC:  The Curtain raiser

The concept of superbikes implemented practically for the very first time in the 1970s. A noticeable change took place in the feature of the bike. That is with the 750 dispersions that were doubled in number in the last forty years.

1969 Honda: The Record Breaker

In this way, one day Honda 1969 came to the market and ruled over the reign of bikes for a very long time. It is the first ever Superbike and is known as the inventor of superbikes.

Here are some of the superbikes  for our bike connoisseur readers.

Kawasaki Z1

This is a super bike from the maker of the ferocious H1 500, Kawasaki. This rekindled one-litre engines, according to a lot of people, it is the first actual super bike. It used to compile some latest technologies like but unfortunately, its venerable framework couldn’t collaborate with the boisterous engine. These were particularly launched by the manufacturer in the purpose of racing. Renowned super bikes of modern time z900 and RS café resembles this bike.

Lotsa Suzukis

This comes in the list of the most horrifying super bikes. Model number GT 750 was introduced in the market in Le Mans North America. It weighed 507 lbs with an empty oil tank. It was popular in the market due to its stability and awesome riders experience. It left all of its competitors far back. Honda CB 750’s reputation started to fall after the introduction of this bike. It used to contain an engine that is of two strokes and consists of total of three cylinders. Since its appearance in the market, it has never seen any negative reviews from the bikers.

Suzuki GT 750 Le Mans

This is one of the most beautiful early days supermodels. With a stunning look and extraordinary features, it became super popular among the youth.

So, these were some of the early days super bikes. Now let’s check out some of the latest and trendy super bikes of today’s world.

RC231VS From Honda

This is considered as the costliest super bike of the world. It’s a bike of MotoGP and costs around 140000 Euros. The perfect and précised look has made itself one of the most eye-catchy models of the available super bikes in the market. However, it is different from other fully fledged Moto GP bikes with its regular gearbox instead of the extra especial smooth gearbox and also the coil springs that has been used in place of pneumatic valves.

Augusta F4 CC:

Well, It is well-known as one of the most wonderful super bikes of today’s world.Although we all of the different choices, but there is a common view of everyone related to this bike-it is eligible for the title “ The Exotica”. These are really rare, a total of hundred were manufactured and distributed in the market. It costs around 100,000 Euros. Once they were marketed, ride lovers almost snatched them out from the market at it went out of stock. It serves you with an outstanding acceleration of 195 miles per hour.

Ducati 1299 Superleggera

It is believed that this bike is updated with the most advanced technology, hence we can take it as the most updated bike in terms of technological features. It comes with a carbon-fibre combined framework, smooth and grippy wheels, sub-frameworks and a swing gram. It is quite heavy in the weight, it weighs almost 157-167 Kgs with an empty engine. There is a pre-booking on the limited production of 500 bikes only.

It’s a new arrival and almost 200 units of the same have been purchased by the bike admirers. It costs around 44,000 Euros.

superbike in the world

Norton V4 (SS & RR)

This is known as the most attractive super bike of today’s world. It is simply a fully powered metal wonder with a beautiful, ravishing hunk appearance. Its airbrushed unit of the tail area has added an extra smart look. The unique design of the body is visibly influenced by famous four wheeler brand Aston Martin or Jaguar. Its body consists of an overall combined fibre and carbon framework and 7inch HD screen has made it stand out of the crowd.


This identical superbike is a wonderful production of Suzuki. It offers you an exciting acceleration along with a super smooth rider’s experience. It comes with some amazing features like 1320 cc engine and an extensive horsepower of 194 BHP. You will just love to ride this extraordinary giant super bike.

Suzuki Gixxers K5/ K6

They have an extended and thriving story; arguably one in all the most effective buys, if you’ve got around £5,000 to pay, are the K5/K6 models of Suzuki GSX,  just about regarded as the GSX-R to possess. You’d be arduous pushed to urge a lot of smacks, especially towards your money. With a rework on the frame as well as the engine, the bike kicked out a huge giant 175bhp. Due to this,it turned into a potential and usable power. Moreover, they are blessed with awesome handling and the super cute appearance.I am quite about the fact that the prime quality of materials that permits an excellent performance along with modest technologies and the great engaging style has made this mind-blowing superbike almost everyone favourite.

Yamaha YZF-R1

We all remember that currently turned in to an emblematic super bike, the special scarlet and white color work of R1 has stolen our heart since the very first appearance in the reign of superbikes.. It came in the market for the first time in the year of 1998. This extraordinary bike has placed the old 1000cc sportsbikes back on the yard and set an explanation that superbikes are always fashionable and charming. It carries an all-rounder approach. By launching these bikes, Yamaha has invented a new way of adding extra smart specifications like a  compact motor, and an eye-catchy framework. Being the developer of the world’s first ever out of the crowd superbikes, Yamaha has enjoyed the spread of this particular model across the globe. This is equipped with a very small, lightweight engine. It allows the utilization of an extended swingarm and a fewer distance. It offers rider with a handling experience that is really smooth enough to remember for a longer period. It is glorious in terms of stability. This is a radical thrashing of its key competitors at the time.  the Honda Fireblade is also included in the list. Many of us, used to consider this model as the show stopper of the road rulers in 1990s. It Created a flagship with a twin298 metric linear unit discs, unique brakes and an inverted telescopic fork in front of the suspension unit. It had a great acceleration range of up to 168 miles per hour in the 1990s , when it was launched. Later the speed increased 182mph  the latest models from 2015 to the recent date. These exclusive super motorcycles are rigged with the latest advanced traction management system along with Throttle management technology. This is known as  Valve Mapping, that permits riders to pick maps looking on driving situations and atmosphere, that makes this emblematic super bike additionally advance technologically that enables it with the power of ruling over the market of superbikes.

Spirit GP Street R:

This is also known as the fascinating small-sized superbike.
This bike is actually a  handmade edition from the famous bike producers, Spirit. These bikes are coolly engineered by fully fledged racing trainer Tony Scott and his team.. One in every of four new models, the road R prices £69,999 and simply fifty are manufactured yet. The spectacular fact concerning this bike is that it’s been specially devised for the track but it is also fit for the road. These are supercharged by a Triumph 675cc triple stroked engine from the mine of early forty-nine. This latest R model carries out a horsepower of  180bhp and weighs around 145kg. It is exclusively handmade with the  MotoGP technology and comes with a blended framework of carbon and fibre along with subframe and wheels. These are simply excellent in style and looks. This has raised a storm among the new generation riders with a  guarantee of a tremendous journey while making it your riding partner. It is enabled with a GPS tracking system that makes these latest superbikes very popular among the youth.

 So, there was the amazing journey of your favourite most superbikes. Hope you enjoyed reading about them. Enjoy life and Keep Going!

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