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Electric Motor Cycles: The New Trend in Motorcycle Lovers

The era has arrived where the electric motorcycle has raised a storm in the world of enduring. Its unique features and pocket-friendly attributes have made it very popular among the bike lovers. Our lovely planet, The Earth is full of natural resources, but the problem arises when we start to use them vigorously. The need for natural resources goes higher with the ever-increasing population. If we continue to use them everywhere, none other than us will be in crisis for the same. Through a long period, we are reliant on fossil fuels in terms of transportation. And with the perpetuation of the same, sooner or later we will exhaust the stock of ‘black gold’. What after that? Will stop communicating to avoid the situation? Of course not! Here is an excellent solution that has come up to us -the E-bikes, an amazing blessing of the latest automation.

Revival Motorcycles, the brainchild of Allan Stulberg, a former software salesperson and leading customized motorcycle designer has already started customizing E-bikes in the shop located in Austin, Texas. As per Stulberg, there are more than a hundred bikes in his shop,but he is in deep love with the ZERO S, an electric road bike. He reveals that the experience of riding an e-bike is somehow more pleasant and pure than the other bikes. It will give you the feel of flying high in the sky with the wheels on the ground. 

Emblematic motorcycle brand Harley Davidson has already declared earlier this year that they are going to launch E-bikes by 2020 in the market. Polaris’s Indian unit has also announced to bring e-bike, officially around the same time as of Harley. This March Harley has already devoted in Alta Motors (startup of Silicon Valley) and announced that it will award bike lovers with a unique e-bike by 2020.

When it comes to the current pictures, Zero motorcycle is ruling over the reign of E-bikes. Zero is a contrivance of a former engineer of NASA, Neil Saiki. This company was branded as Electricross and later changed is a name in ‘Zero’.  This brand works exclusively on designing E-Motorcycles like Zero s( street bike), SR ( used in street racing) and FXS (it’s a supermoto). Apart from these they also manufacture Zero DS( dual sports) and DSR ( dual sport racing), FX( motocross). They are about to launch a new racing e-motorcycle by next year. The market trend indicates a straight up is expected in the demand of E-bikes by the next couples of years.

Why E-Bikes

Christian Gorelfo, Ivan Rios, Lukasz Golab and Srinivasan Keshav, researchers of the University of Waterloo, conducted a study on e-bikes in the year 2017. The study revealed that there was no proof of range anxiety with the batteries of these bikes and they are quite influencing when it comes to sustainable urban development. That means, opting out an e-bike over the regular bikes will never trouble you with the absence of fuel, as the batteries of these bikes are quite good in terms of longevity. There don’t require litres of fuel to run, so they are definitely eco-friendly and due to their awesome structure, they may help reduce traffic jams on the road that leads to sustainable urban transport. Let’s check out some advantages of e-bikes.

  • You can easily drive them in an area like a populated residential or the areas around the schools and hospitals at your desired speed because they are not the contributors of Noise pollution. They make almost zero noise when you operate them.
  • When it comes to the racing capacity, these bikes are eligible to take part in the 24 hours bike races.
  • Awesome battery life is another beneficial attribute of e-bikes. They will serve you even better than the regular fuel ones.
  • These are environment-friendly. They don’t cause air pollution as there is not a single chance of releasing super harmful smokes that spoil our environment and affects our health.
  • They look really good, trust me, you will find them lovely.

What Are the Barriers that Prevents the Spread of E-bikes

There are commonly two factors that prevent e-bikes to gain super popularity of them over the regular bikes. Like any other e-transporter, its price and range is the main barrier to its popularity. If we talk about the range, they are unable to meet almost 90% of bike lovers’ expectation. They can cover 200 miles of the city and 100 miles if on the high way. However, most of the riders prefer to ride far than the covered range. E-bike manufacturers have already started working on this and we expect that in the near future it won’t be an issue anymore. Then they can compete with regular bikes in a better way.

The second one is the cost. The available e-bikes are really very costly when it is compared with regular bikes (gas or petrol). It starts from $7000 where you can get any gas bike of your choice at a pretty less price. Manufacturers have paid attention to this as well. They are effectively trying to improve the cost of the battery so that it’s market price also goes down. Due to these barriers, electric motorcycles are still in the niche market. The riders are mostly the above forty crowd who use them for a daily mode of communication to work.

However, at the end of the story, bike lovers want to add wings and fly high, e-bikes are better to fulfil this purpose.

Operations Needs Only Air

Although the price is a little high but actually these bikes are a form of relief when it comes to cost management.  The gas engine bikes require frequent refuelling. Sat the same time, e-bikes need a good charge in the battery and wheels full of air. All you need to do is put enough air in the tire to experience a feeling like free birds in the sky.

Apart from that, there is another good part, the rider’s leg won’t feel any hit as it doesn’t contain a smoke releasing silencer They are quiet in nature and you don’t need change gears in order to change speed. Pick any speed of your choice from zero to hundred without shifting the gear.

These awesome attributes are helping e-bikes to replace the gas bikes gradually. However, the current interest towards them is of course not negligible.

 When you go to buy an E-bike, please keep some facts in your mind that you need to check before you buy an e-bike.

  • There are two types of electric motorcycles available in the market – mountain bikes and street bikes. Consider your purpose of buying before you finalize the deal. Mountain e-bikes contain a gear that is used when you go up steep slopes. In the other hand, the road bikes don’t require the gear system in order to increase or decrease speed. So, check your requirement and get one.
  • Don’t be in the misconception that e-bikes are light in weight. They might be of a ton in weight.
  • It will require an electric assist to operate. So, never forget to check the battery standard. That is the prime thing for a swift operation of any e-motor cycle.
  • They are more enjoyable than you expect. It will allow you to fly, to chase and to race. The more you ride them the more you love them.
  • They are ideal to be used on a regular basis. Going to work is no more a hazard. Get your flying partner ready and reach to your work without any delay.   Yes, it’s as convenient as that.
  • Before buying, compare well by test driving several models.  Get the one that suits your preference.
  • Their looks really eye catchy. When it will be on the road, it will definitely attract others attention.
  • Don’t get lost in the feel of flying, remember, you are not any more a kid. These bikes don’t make noise. So, be extra careful while driving. Or else, it may cause dangers to others.
  • If you are ordering one online, please check where you need to contact to repair that. Otherwise, you will need to pay a lot if any damage occurs.

Since last year, e-bikes have achieved a rise in the use of almost 95%. Harley and other giants have started to invest in these eco-friendly bikes. Currently, they cover the market value of $65 million and the amount is increasing daily without any downward slope. They are allowing us to act nature-friendly and take part in the sustainable development of transportation. If you are a ride lover, you can also get one for you to experience the evolution. It might be a slow process but recent statistics say that these bikes are quite successful in replacing the gas bikes. So, be a part of the change and get your e-motorcycle today to fly around your city.

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